Media Player Classic Home Cinema媒体播放器


老葡京网站娱乐 Media Player Classic Home Cinema,简称MPC-HC,是一款简洁的媒体播放器,Media Player Classic 的后续版本,有32位元和64位元版本。Media Player Classic 是由名为 "Gabest" 的程序员建立,现在他仍然有维护这个程序。 Gabest 原先是以不公开源代码的方式开发 Media Player Classic,但后来他开放了 Media Player Classic 的源代码。


MPC-BE 是从mpc-hc分裂出来的部分开发者, 以俄国程序员主打, 重新编译优化的版本.解码器不同,界面也多有美化

MPC-BE 播放Windows操作系统的DVD音频和视频文件。这个项目基于自己独立开发的原代码媒体播放器经典(Gabest)和媒体播放器经典 - 家庭影院(Casimir666)的基础上。



* Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32bit/64bit


* CPU 拥有SSE支持

* The latest version of DirectX 9.0c runtime (June 2010). Installation is required, regardless of the operating system.

Web installer: (recommended)

The complete package:


Project Page

Help and Support

Web browser SVN repository Media Player Classic-BE

SVN repository Media Player Classic-BE (read only):svn://

Changes in release



Added (+):

+ added support for opening *.CUE;

+ added completely reengineered DXVA2 decoder;

+ added support for subtitles display for stereoscopic pictures;

+ AudioSplitter - added support for Monkey's Audio (.APE) and also for APE Tag, DTS-CD and AC3-CD, TTA, WAV and Wave64;

+ AviSplitter - added support for 'RPZA', 'RV24' (RGB24 with upside-down picture), uncommon YUV-formats;

+ MatroskaSplitter - added support for Microsoft MPEG4 V3, MJPEG, ProRes, SNOW and several types of uncompressed video ('V_UNCOMPRESSED');

+ MP4Splitter - added support for '2Vuy', 'DVOO', 'yuvs', 'yuv2', DNxHD, FFV1, 'v308', 'v408', 'V410';

+ MpaDecFilter - added support for decoding MEDIASUBTYPE_SIPR_WAVE - SIPR in .wmv, Voxware MetaSound;

+ MPCVideoDec - added output formats 'AYUV', 'YV16', 'YV24', 'P010', 'P210', 'P016', 'P0216', 'Y410' and 'Y416';

+ MPCVideoDec - added support for 'Avid DNxHD', HuffYUV, FFVH, FFV1 (FFmpeg video codec #1), QuickTime 8BPS video, 'RPZA', 'cyuv', 'yuv2', 'Y41B', 'Y42B', '444P', 'Y800', 'I420', 'V410';

+ MPCVideoDec - added support for decoding Windows Media Video 9.1 Image and Windows Media Video 9.1 Image V2 (WMVP, WVP2);

+ MPCVideoDec - added Status field containing verbose information on the decoder's state;

+ MPCVideoDec - added handling of input media type change in DXVA1 mode which allows switching video tracks in this mode;

+ MPCVideoDec - added a button for resetting the options to their defaults;

+ MPEGSplitter - added support for files with 'IMKH' header (DVR records in MPEG-PS format);

+ Null Video Renderer (Uncompressed) - added support for 'NV12', 'AYUV', 'YV16', 'YV24';

+ RawVideoSplitter - added support for 'YUV4MPEG2';

+ RawVideoSplitter - added partial support for черно-белых and 4:1:1 y4m files;

+ VSFilter - added AV Source/AV Splitter support for the auto-load option;

+ VSFilter - added support for NV12;

+ VSFilter - added support for scaling PGS/DVB subtitles;

+ VSFilter - added support for interlaced video;

+ Audiomixer - added support for muxing in 5.0;

+ Internal MPEG/DVD Decoder - added support for NV12 output;